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Build Influence with Enhanced Communication and People Skills

A 3 day workshop that will immerse you in the competitive skills you need to stand out in today’s environment. This unique three-day workshop is our Flagship globally recognized program which will help you master the life skills you need to excel in today's competitive workplace. We live in a very fast paced world. It is getting increasingly hard to make good first impressions

How to use Influence as a Leadership Tool

No one likes to take orders. People who get ordered around all day tend to shut down, stop thinking, do just enough to get by, and become passive—or worse, actively undermine management and its direction. On the other hand, people enthusiastically support ideas and directions they help create. This simple truth is the essence of the paradigm shift from management to leadership. It is also at the heart of Dale Carnegie’s landmark work, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

How To Win Friends and Influence People in Business

In today’s business environment where teamwork has replaced hierarchies, new skills are gaining prominence and becoming critical to survival. Often, in today’s team situations, individuals have no direct authority over other team members, and yet they are expected to win their support and get everyone pulling in the same direction for mutually beneficial goals

HR Masterclass

“HR Masterclass” program provides an understanding of basic concepts of HR. It will give you an insight on how different verticals in HR are integrated and aligned to drive the organization goals. In addition, the ability to understand organization design, work bands, performance reviews, L&D strategies, and resource management will enable you to have seamless conversations with your customers. Above all, the program will help you to identify and analyze business opportunities

Leadership Training For Managers

Leadership Training For Managers gives participants the building blocks to recognize the traits and styles of leaders, sharpen existing skills and master new strengths. It emphasizes on the principals of superior Leadership.

People Centered Leadership

People Centric Leadership is the only leadership training program that specifically targets these emotions that govern workplace engagement.

Train The Trainer

Dale Carnegie® Certified Instructors are considered to be among the best in the world. Their skill is the result of a rigorous, proprietary train-the-trainer program. Now for the first time, you can benefit by experiencing this powerful methodology in our Train the Trainer Program. This 3 day seminar is designed to turn participants into top-notch facilitators. Participants at a Carnegie Course never sit in a seat for very long. Carnegie instructors are masters at creating involvement.

Train The Trainer Masterclass

Facilitation skills are both an art & a science and this competency can now be further expertly developed during the Dale Carnegie Train the Trainer Masterclass. This program goes one step ahead of a regular Train The Trainer workshop with more advanced modules for exceptional results.


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