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Idea Cellular | Developing A Self-Confident Assertive Attitude

“3.5% increase in Idea’s Jamshedpur Circle’s market penetration in the month of June over May. This is 3.5% increase over Idea’s retailer to customer sales. 3.5% increase over a sale of INR1cr 25 lakhs in the month of May. This was due to my ability to assertively convey the expected sales targets to his team and also motivate them to be assertive in their interactions with the various retailers in the market.”

- Pankaj Verma, DGM, Sales

“The Purnia Circle of Idea Cellular was lagging behind other Circles of Idea Cellular as the sales persons lacked the killer instinct to meet their targets. This was a concern for Idea Cellular. This was also because my confidence to lead them as a leader was missing and I was not able to assertively push them towards their targets. This is the reason Idea Cellular nominated me for the program called “Developing a Self-Confident Assertive Attitude”. After coming from the workshop I decided to create a vision statement, goals and action plan for the zone in which we will work together on a common platform. Firstly I took the entire team in a common place and divided the team in different groups to write a vision statement along with their captain. That has brought back the confidence of the team. Then we set our goals on four pillars and the action plan with the help of the team. Every action was measurable and with the time frame with attainable goals. Then we started the month with full bang with every member thinking of the same objective in mind and week by week we started delivering the action and goals which has been decided and by month end we as a team has been ranked 2nd in the Region by our Sales head and the congratulatory mail came from him for the first time and the team regained the confidence and has started delivering.

- Amit Som, Zonal Manager


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