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Wipro Technologies | High Impact Presentations

“Our partnership with Dale Carnegie Training through High Impact Presentations for senior employees and Pinnacle for campus recruits, has resulted in Wipro employees transforming into confident and impactful presenters. This makes them compete more effectively in the global marketplace. Dale Carnegie Programs are based on Dale Carnegie Human Relations Principles, which are universally applicable. That is the reason why Dale Carnegie Training has been a strong contributor in the behavioral space for over 100 years.”

-Yogesh Agiwal, Sr. General Manager- Corporate Human Resource Department

Cognizant Academy | High Impact Presentations

“The High Impact Presentations Methods taught during training especially opening, closing and delivery really helped to improve as a presenter:

- The Analogy of using the power point delivery in the best possible manner

- The techniques provided to address the audience in the position of standing

- How to use my face more effectively while presenting

- And the most important benefit for me is- the importance of voice and how I can use my voice effectively during the presentation

I used most of these techniques in the recent technical workshops I conducted as an (Technology) Architect. The results were really impressive. When it came to a technical term that needed explanation I used the same presentation that I made in my HIP final day. I had used an analogy to present it simply. I received excellent feedback, which was much better compared to my earlier session, the proof of which was that the attending members that they wanted to know more about the topic. To me what it meant was that at least for the first time they have understood the concept clearly. To me it’s an achievement. I intend to continue doing this more and more to achieve further success in my career.”

Riyazudeen H. S., Senior Architect – Technology

Ready Test Go | Sales Advantage

“One of the concepts of “Talking ROI” or “in the business of saving costs” has been very successful in one of our client situations. Today, 1 year down the line, we have realized Rs. 10 million in revenues from a single account and after retrospective analysis have found that there has been a saving of Rs. 25 million to the client in this one year. This is apart from increased end-customer satisfaction thereby ensuring higher revenue earning. I am thankful for the Training provided by Dale Carnegie as the concepts illustrated really do work in real life.”

-Shailender Mittal, General Manager Sales

Solar Winds (Development and Maintenance of IT Infrastructure Management Software) | Action Oriented Leadership

“After the “Action Oriented Leadership” training from Dale Carnegie, I used the principles of delegation which we were taught to communicate to the team that I was delegating important and challenging responsibilities to a select few individuals who were vying for a promotion. I delegated the tasks to those team members. A few weeks later after watching their performance, I, and the team were easily able to see which of those employees had met their stretch goals, and were able to sustain a high level of commitment to step up to the next level. Making a promotion decision and getting the team’s acceptance of the choice became very easy at this point.”

-Ramesan Ramanathan, Sr. Vice President, Development & Maintenance IT Infrastructure Management Software


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