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Reliance Industries | Dale Carnegie Course

“I visited the customer, who had shifted the business to a competitor. I used the Dale Carnegie conversation link to get to know the customer and the Dale Carnegie Principles on:

  1. “Becoming a friendlier Person”-Getting genuinely interested in other people
  2. “Winning people to your way of thinking”-Get the other person saying yes
  3. “Be a Leader”-Make the other person happy about the thing you suggest.

This has helped me increase my credibility with the customer and I made sure that he was convinced that Reliance Industries Ltd. was genuinely interested in the success of his business. The customer was happy and signed up for new business with an order of 50 Metric tonnes per month. Thus a dormant account got restarted leading to a revenue increase per month by INR 90 Lakhs.”

- Asim Kumar Pan, Asst. Vice President-Marketing


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