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May 25, 2011 01:22 AM
idyalankar School of Information Technology (VSIT) had organised 'Dale Carnegie Training' for its third year students of BSc (IT) and BMS.
Vidyalankar School of Information Technology (VSIT) stands true to its commitment of facilitating a curriculum which meets global standards. The institute recently organised a comprehensive workshop "Step up to Professional Excellence" conducted by the internationally acclaimed training course 'Dale Carnegie Training' for its third year students of BSc (IT) and BMS. The 13-day training programme started on June 14 to 23, 2010.
The personality enrichment committee of the institute then spoke to the students who attended the programme to get the first hand account of their training experience.
The participants of the training programme were more than willing to share the highlights of the programme, the tips and techniques taught and how they were benefited by them.
What was the workshop all about?
The Dale Carnegie program provided a very informative and innovative approach to prepare for imminent placement opportunities. The programme taught students about boosting confidence levels, enriching personality traits and fine-tuning skill sets. It imparted professional attitude, etiquette and ethics thus enhancing the probability of securing a job.
– Yogesh Sharma, TYBSc IT
Did you find the training program useful?
Yes. I would like to attend many more similar programs, as it was a million dollar experience for me and it has really helped me to improve my personality.
– Aniket,TYBSc IT
Could you share some tips you that were imparted in the training to be successful at interviews?
Dos of an interview: a) Prepare a knowlegde base about the organisation you are applying for b) Follow proper etiquette c) Frame and study your resume and a quality coverletter.Don'ts of an interview: a) Lack of Confidence b) Use fillers c) Being dishonest in replies.
– Sharayu Poojari,TYBSc IT and Vishakha Poddar, TYBMS
Do you believe networking could be beneficial for career advancement?
The ability to network has been identified as an essential skill for success regardless of occupation. It broadens one's area of knowledge.
– Pooja Pradeep,TYBSc IT
What did you learn about effective presentations?
The 6*6 rule- which implies 6 words per line and 6 lines per slide. The contents should be easily understandable, the presenter should be able to convince the audience, and visual aids should be effectively used to make presentations more persuassive.
– Gandhar Desai,TYBMS
Do you feel more confident after attending Dale Carnegie training programme?
Yes, we feel more confident because the programme perfectly demonstrated all professional qualities and made them crystal clear. They also gave effective confidence boosting tips. The term 'working smart' taught us how to channelise hard work to deliver optimum results. Usage of complementary learning helped boost our confidence. We were trained to build confidence in our professional career by analysing the job traits properly and to keep our work standards high.
– Tanmay Bhadkamkar and Yogesh Sharma, TYBSc IT
Interviewed by Manju Yadav, Yashoda Shetty and Shajil Kumar— Lecturers, VSIT



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