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Reliance polymers’ constant endeavor is to provide products and services that meet global standards. Based on their extensive interaction with the industry, they offer a wide range of grades for diverse applications across packaging, agriculture, automotive, housing, healthcare, water and gas transportation and consumer durables. Superior technologies, strong focus on R&D, latest ITenabled services to support supply chain management and the end-to-end solutions offered across the value chain reinforce their commitment to customer satisfaction. The focus on Growth has helped them grow as one of the world's largest producers of polymers.

Reliance Polymers did a fact finding exercise back in 2010-11 where the Mid and Senior Managerial population (Managers and above, up to Senior Vice President) were identified as part of the development plan which would help:

  • Break the shackles and make them step out of their comfort zone
  • Shake them up so that they started looking at various aspects of their job and team with renewed vigor
  • Help them understand the value of sincere praise and recognition and how it can do a world of good for an individual and team
  • Give them an insight into the “Human Relations Principles” and how consistent application of the same helps overcome workplace negativity and increases productivity.

The recommended solution for the challenges stated by the client was the flagship program of Dale Carnegie Training - The Dale Carnegie Course. In a unique approach to deliver the training, which is followed as a global best practice for this particular workshop, we made it a time phased solution.

The sessions were delivered over three, 2 day periods, with a working week time between each period. After each session the participants were assigned course work to be completed which revolved around application of concepts discussed and practiced in the room to work related situations and challenges.

Participants in the DCT intervention at Reliance Polymers saw the following results, post the program:

  • Influential conversation techniques and usage of the human relation principles led to dormant account activation with an initial order of 50 metric tonnes and INR 90 lakhs of new business.
  • Exhibiting and projecting leadership attributes of empathy, tact and how to disagree agreeably, the productivity of the team (as measured through completion of deliverables at EOD) increased by 40%.
  • Clarity and assertiveness in communication along with an intent to keep things simple assured adherence to policies and procedures, translating to drop in TAT by 67.5%.
  • Better delegation, prioritizing work, motivating team members and structured conversations led to time saving for strategic initiatives to be rolled out.
  • More deliverables were completed on time due to more willing cooperation of the team.

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