Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Case Studies

Industry: Logistics
Target Group of intervention: Several interventions across levels

(1) What were some of the Key challenges that the client was facing?

  • Not good enough to be good
  • Growth needed I the great industry domain
  • To set the industry bench mark in terms of customer service
  • Efficiency in operations
  • Motivation
  • Leverage core competence
  • Making Impactful presentations.

(2) What solutions did we offer and how did we implement?

(Assessment & profiling, Training, Time Spaced, Review Mechanism, in how many locations, time lines, etc.)
High Impact presentations - An intensive 2-day training program concentrating on how to project confidence in front of a group and capture audience attention. How to Enhance vocal range, tone and body language. How to define the goals of a presentation and structure it accordingly. Be more persuasive with supporting facts, examples, and analogies. Sell themselves and their ideas effectively. Deal with tough questions and remarks professionally. Present technical information so that it relates to people of varying skill levels and close presentations and ask for a commitment confidently.
Leadership Styles – A half-day program to understand style of leadership and look at enhancing results through influence at workplace. The program covered Leadership styles, value system that influences results and factors that motivate employees to results
Motivation - This was half-day program done for the customer call center employees. The objective of the program was to motivate them and boos their morale. The program objectives were
  • Examine work environments and identify the current motivation levels
  • Identify motivation factors and tools to increase motivation among associates
  • Apply Human Relations Principles to build effective relationships and commitment levels
  • Accentuate the positive in specific, measurable terms

What positive results did the client organization get because of our intervention?

(ROI, Application, Satisfaction, in Client interview sheet)
A general positive feeling and optimism in the group at the workplace. Most of the participants implemented tools and techniques they learnt in the training in their various job scenarios. Special mentions to the sense of cohesiveness that set in.

Curriculum Areas

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Presentation Effectiveness Process

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