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The Dale Carnegie Employee Engagement Solution

Why does one organization get a reputation as a great place to work while another struggles to retain its employees? Why is it that one person will be invested in their work while another stirs up resentment?

Dale Carnegie India partnered with the NHRD in India to survey more than 1200 executives, managers and chief officers across the country in 2014. We then worked with MSW Research in the USA to identify and understand the dynamics that govern employee engagement- ranging from tangible dimensions such as education and income to the more intangible variables such as emotions.

The insights from this India specific Employee Engagement Study helps set the benchmark and by looking at the larger picture of what employees prioritize while working, Dale Carnegie Training has developed one of the most comprehensive Engagement Solutions in India to improve people performance.

Our Engagement Solution helps us determine what motivates employees in your organization specifically, and then work with you to help you reach the desired outcome- whether it is working on productivity, belief in senior management or communication within teams. Developing these areas requires a targeted focus and holistic capabilities, rather than transactional measures which merely deal with dissatisfaction.

Dale Carnegie India tailors programs to your specific company dynamics, identifying needs for individual roles, building on workers’ personal experiences and matching employees’ goals with the company’s vision to ensure enhanced levels of job satisfaction and a positive workplace environment. These insights fuel engagement, building champions for your organization to assure better service to clients and ultimately growth in your business.

Our employee engagement solution would include:

  • An Engagement Assessment of Your Organization
  • Action Planning
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • A Customized Corporate Solution
  • Delivery
  • Follow- up Pulse Survey

What you will gain:

  • Better Workplace Performance
  • Enhanced Levels of Innovation
  • Lower Attrition
  • Evangelists for the organization’s products and services
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Company Profitability and Bottom Line Success

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