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Economic Times, 2nd May, 2017
“Imagination and foresight are key attributes”, said Pallavi Jha, managing director of Dale Carnegie Training India. “Being able to set one’s sights far ahead, build a compelling roadmap to it and enabling that vision — that’s what defines a true leader.”
TimesJobs, 6th July, 2017
There are several benefits to bringing interns on-board. Aside from being able to delegate tasks and figure out how younger generations (future clients) perceive your brand; it also creates brand advocates - something very valuable for every business.
Economic Times, 17th June, 2017
Whether you're a fresher applying for your very first job or a mid-level manager moving to a different organisation or role, there are certain basic rules that apply when it comes to preparing for a job interview.
Live Mint, 15th June 2017
In an interview during his first visit to India, Hart said he believes the country is one the most dynamic market and seen a consistent growth in terms of the institute’s business. He said one of the key themes that Dale Carnegie Learning is focused on is how to address the issue of generation gap at workplace between the older generations and the millennials.
Economic Times, 7th June 2017
There may be a helpful to-do list for job interviews, but in the context of disruption in the job market, being mindful of the what-not-to-dos is equally important. Experts say an interview has two equal stakeholders, and while it's important to take partial control of the interview, it is best to leave certain traits, such as being arrogant or too eager, behind before entering a meeting room.
Huffington Post, 21st May 2017
When it comes to the future of the workplace, the only safe prediction is to say that it will be different from today—more different than most of us can imagine. Fundamental forces are compelling organisations to rethink what they need from their leaders.
Femina, 16th May, 2017
Women may be a force to reckon with at the workplace but that has not reduced the number of issues that they face at the workplace repeatedly. The first step to empowering women employees at the workplace is to recognise the issues that create obstacles to their progress.
Results: 134 Article(s) Found