Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

The only transformational leadership program

The Dale Carnegie Course is the only known Transformational Leadership development program with scientific evidence showing dramatic results with leader-managers of all kinds!

A year-long university research study showed: Managers who take the Dale Carnegie Course® increase employees’ productivity and loyalty!

According to thirty years of scientific research around the world ~ whether outcomes are measured subjectively or objectively ~ Transformational Leadership has the strongest and most positive impact on

  • Higher levels of employee motivation and job satisfaction      
  • Higher individual employee job performance     
  • Greater group and organizational performance
  • Higher rated performance of leader-managers
  • Reduced workplace deviance (such as stealing)
  • Increased employee commitment to the employer

Leaders who took the Dale Carnegie Course were rated by their employees as being 14% better at

  • Getting others to do more than they expected to do
  • Heightening others’ desire to succeed and increasing their willingness to try harder
  • Being effective in meeting others’ job-related needs and leading effective work groups
  • Meeting organizational requirements more effectively
  • Effectively representing his/her group to higher authority
  • Working with others and using methods of leadership that are satisfying to others

How do organizations develop or enhance their leader-managers’ transformational leadership skills?

Research has shown no other effective transformational leadership development program that

  • has been scientifically studied and validated, and
  • is readily available around the country  for leader-managers:
  • from diverse fields or industries,
  • regardless of the number of directly- and indirectly-reporting subordinates.



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